Hi, I'm James.

I'm a writer and a gamer.  I've been telling stories for as long as I've been able to talk.  I love comic books and science-fiction/fantasy, and have been writing poetry and fiction since I figured out that scribbles on paper can be magic.  

I have been involved in role-playing games since my cousin first introduced me to the D&D Basic Red Box around 1983.  I've been consistently running tabletop RPGs since that time.  Recently, I've been streaming a Fate Accelerated game on RaigeMage's Twitch Channel.  You can see some of the sessions here.

I started LARPing in 1992, at the impressionable age of 14.  I've been LARPing ever since.  I joined a LARP staff in 2008 and have participated in running several LARPs for groups as small as 20 to as large as 75 people.

From 2014-2017 I wrote, directed, and ran (with the help of an amazing staff) The Fifth Gate LARP, a live-action role-paying game that spanned two worlds - one, a high fantasy world of Champions, the other a post-apocalyptic steampunkish world of Survivors.  I launched it with the assistance of an awesome community and a successful Kickstarter Campaign.  

That said, am I any good at it?

Let's find out.